Posted on: March 17, 2008 10:29 pm
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Let's Go Dancing (3/17)

First off Happy St. Patrick's Day....aka, drink and fight like your irish.  I don't know if anyone else got the chance, but this was a great weekend of college basketball.  This weekend definately set the bar for March Madness.  I am pretty excited for the tourney, I got my bracket all set and the first few days of the tourney off so i can really concentrate on the games. After watching the selection show I have decided that no matter what its never going to be the teams that deserve to get in, but who has the most fan support. Every year there are teams that more then deserve to get in but get overlooked for someone who doesnt.  Whatever, it happens. Time to just move on and talk about who did get in. I don't feel like going over all my picks, just a few.

I am going to start with my surprise Sweet 16 teams.  The first team I saw that I wanted to go with the second I looked at the brackets was Butler the 7 seed out of the East Bracket. This is a solid ballclub that doesn't get the credit a legitament Mid-Major should. Looking at the bracket they really have a good shot of gettting all the way to the Elite 8.  Their first round match-up againist S. Alabama might be a bigger test then a possible second round match-up with Tennessee. Don't get me wrong I love the crazy orange suit wearing Pearl but I just don't see his team making much noise this year. But the lower part of the East bracket is weak and Butler can turn some heads if they play well.  I really think this could be the year of Mid-Majors, with Drake also looking like a strong contender. I think USC will not only get to the Sweet 16 but I have them winning the Mid-West and playing in San Antonio.

As for some first round upsets, keep an eye on the 13 seed this year. I guarentee at least one will win this year, and I wouldn't be surprised to see at least 3. Siena, Winthrop, and San Diego all have very winable first rounds games and could even make a Sweet 16 run. My Final Four is as follows: North Carolina v. USC, UCLA v. Texas. I am looking forward to the possiblity of a UNC v. UCLA final, mostly because the match-ups in that game would be great. I know everyone would love to see K-Love/Hansbrough and Collison/Lawson. 

UCLA fans, this year is the year you can be disappointed if you don't end the year on top. The team is good enough to win it all and really won't have an excuse if they don't.

How about the Houston Rockets? They are the luckiest 22 win team in NBA history, I'm just waiting for Garnett to get hurt next. It seems like teams can't help but get injuried when they are getting ready for the Rockets.  If Pau is healthy the streak is over and their winless streak starts.

Note: if these teams stay healthy I see the Rockets starting a new streak...A winless one. The schedule is about to get really hard for them, lets see what kind of team they.

Next week we can get into some Sweet 16 talk so I can either brag about my bracket or get laughed at. Holler at you next week!

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