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The Second Season (4/21)

Posted on: April 22, 2008 1:19 am
So the long stretch known as the second season has begun, and I could not be more excited.  If this weekend showed anything, its that these playoffs in the NBA could be the best we've seen in years.  The first round match-ups are extremely even in the West, with every team having at least 50 wins. An unheard of feat in the NBA, but its sad that sub .500 teams can advance in the weak East, but 50 wins didn't even get the Golden State Warriors in. 

I made 2 bold predictions a few weeks ago....
1- The Mavericks would not advance out of the first round again, which seems all but a forgone conclusion after CP3's performance on Saturday. The kid looks like a man trying to prove he deserves the MVP, (Which he won't get) and I think this team is showing everyone they deserve that 2 seed.
2- The Celtics will not make the Finals. Now this one I think I might be wrong, because my feeling is the only team in the East that has a chance of beating them is Detroit. If you watched them play Philly on Sunday, you saw a team that is in no way capable of even hanging with Boston.  Philly and Detroit tied the season series, but the Pistons 2 wins were by a combined 13 points.  So it shows Philly has the ability to beat them, and that they need to step up there game if they are going to take out the Boston Three Party.

The Lakers looked great on Sunday, and Kobe did not.  They still won easily, which shows how much this team has grown since the addition of Gasol.  I guess it says a lot about a player when he scores 32 points and has an off night.  The Lakers will win it in no more then 5 games and hopefully will cruise into the NBA Finals.  The matchups are in there favor. All these other teams will beat each other up in the West,  the second round looks to shape up the same.  The Lakers are looking at a second round matchup of Utah, which isn't an extremely physical team. 

Here's my conference finals predictions.....
In the East I see Boston vs Detroit with Detroit winning in 6.
In the West its going to be Los Angeles vs San Antonio with the Lakers winning in 5.

I really want to see a Lakers/Suns match-up, but once again Phoenix looks like they won't have what it takes to beat San Antonio. If it happens again, theres no way Kerr can keep DeAntoni around with another choke job in the playoffs.  Game 1 was probably one of the most exciting playoff games I've seen in a while.  So everyone make sure you watch every game of this series, because when these 2 play its all out war.

Ok well we will go over the NBA and the NHL playoffs next week, until then peace and love.
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